Hello ! 

I told you my Top 5 favorites from Finland in a previous post, therefore I thought that it would be interesting to present you the things I preferred in France.

1. Pains au chocolat

So delicious…Indeed, during my 8 years of living in France, I can tell you that I’ve eaten of those ! A identical puff pastry to the croissant is rolled on 2 bars of chocolate. How to resist ? 

2. Baguettes

This is not new, but in France people love bread, and especially the baguette…there’s reasons to ! The crispy outside and the fluffy inside will inevitably make you fall in love. There’s nothing better than go to the bakery in the morning to get a baguette that just came out from the oven !

3. Crêpes

Crêpes…typically french and it’s not a hazard. They are delicious ! Whether with chocolate, sugar, butter or even nothing, their taste is delicious. Unfortunately there’s not many (maybe none) crêperies in Finlande.

4. La Baule beach

Having lived in La Baule, I couldn’t not mention its beach. Claimed to be one of the most beautiful beach in Europe, the golden sand and the sound of the waves can only charm you. I advise you to spend your holidays on this beach !

5. The equestrian world

Riding is enormously practiced in France and it’s there I’ve ridden for 8 years. I find that the equestrian atmosphere is not the same as in Finland for example. The riders spend a lot of time together, the competitions are very well organized, there’s a team as well as a competition spirit and that’s what I loved.

xx, Ellen.


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