Hello everyone !

Not many people have experienced -27 degrees…Yet, this last week Finland have had temperatures approaching those degrees. How could I explain the feeling ? First of all, I’m going to show you some photos of what it looks like.

When you go outside, a wave of cold air attacks your face, in just a few seconds your skin feels tight and your eyes are crying. I recommend to hold your hands in your pockets or in thick gloves ; unfortunately one day I forgot my gloves…therefore even just the fact to answer the phone became a nightmare. Not more than one minute is needed, for your fingers to get clenched and your skin to get dry. Not very glamorous stuff ! 

Of course there are many good sides to this cold ! Who has never enjoyed the mere sight of snow ? The sound of your footsteps when you walk on those thousands of snowflakes ? Or even the happiness of coming home to warm up ?

There’s one thing that I find particularly beautiful. Indeed, when the sky is bright blue and the sun rays make the snow twinkle. Yes, the snow reflects the sunlight giving a dotted glitter effect on the ground…You can imagine !

I hope that you enjoyed this post ! Here’s some photos below taken during my few days out in the freezing cold !

xx, Ellen. 

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