Hello everyone !

Today I’ll share with you my 5 favorites from Finland :


  • The thing that hits my mind first is rye bread. I think that every person living in Finland eat this bread quite often. It’s a bread especially made with rye flour. It is darker than a regular bread, that’s why it can be called “black bread” sometimes.


  • FAZER chocolate…this chocolate is essentially sold in Northern countries like Finland, Sweden, Norway or Danemark. The taste is not similar to the chocolate we tend to eat. You need to try it !

   3. LUMENE

  • The cosmetic brand LUMENE is not very known in countries like France, yet I think that it’s a fantastic brand. I’ve never been disappointed by any product and in fact, I have a crush on one of their foundation (like I mentioned in one of my previous posts). 

    4. JAFFA

  • If I’d say to you JAFFA ? Not many of you would tell me you know what it is. However, JAFFA has a « sister » and it’s…FANTA ! It can seem surprising but JAFFA (a finnish brand) has a better taste than FANTA in my opinion. As I said before, you need to try it !

   5. METRO

  • A majority of us take the subway in order to go to work or school or even to meet some friends. The subway in Helsinki is reduced to one line divided into a fork at the end. There’s only 17 stations, it makes it easier to remember all of them. Moreover, the hygiene conditions are impeccable and you’ll often find a seat !

xx, Ellen.




9 thoughts on “TOP 5 FAVORITES FINLAND

  1. Brill post, I recently went to Finland for the first time and loved it. Helsinki was amazing but also spend quite a bit of time in the Arctic 🙂 Rye bread…. yummy 🙂 will a bit of swiss cheese for break fast 🙂 xx

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