Hello ! 

Yesterday, the 22nd of December 2015,  I went to Tallinn (the capital of Estonia) in order to visit and discover the city.  Below is a photo I took from the ferry when it left Helsinki harbor.


I was very surprised by the two different aspects of the city, on one hand the environment felt medieval but on the other hand the city was hectic and modern. Here’s photos of the “old city” (as it’s called), I really liked the ambience in these small and narrow streets.

Walking towards the more modern side of the city, I crossed some small huts selling flowers and it was just gorgeous ! 

After a 10 minute walk, BOOM, a dynamic and modern city caught my eye. You’ll be surprised by the contrast but it’s still very beautiful in my opinion !

On my way to the Tallinn harbor to go home, I took this last photo that I love.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

That’s it ! I hope you enjoyed the photos of Tallinn and that it made you want to visit it !

xx, Ellen.

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