Hello everyone !

I miss summer. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve decided to share with you some photos taken last summer; in fact it comes well together with my previous post. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than the sea air at the edge of Helsinkis’ market place, the “Kauppatori”. No matter taking the bus, the subway or even making just a few steps to get there, suddenly your view is filled with orange tents. In this market place, blends seagulls, pigeons, the irresistible smell of food, people doing their market as well as Sightseeing boats, all this together. Can you imagine ?


I assure you, I didn’t spend my time only at the market place last summer, ahah.

Indeed, contrary to popular belief, at summer time it’s hot in Finland. Well…”hot”, about 20-25 degrees. But with a blue sky, a little wind and a present sun, the heat can quickly be felt. Therefore, my sister and I went usually to the closest Starbucks in order to take a fresh drink.

Once hydrated, that day we had planned to go to the cinema. I think that you’ll guess the film given the huge mediatization it had at that period…

Yes, we went for “Papertowns”. Did we enjoy it ? Yes.

A last thing that I would like to share and that I liked (well…”loved” would be the right word) this summer, is doing walks or horse ride in the forest.

These photos might be my favorites. I think that Finland in summer time is amazing. The tree leaves are a green one might imagine, the blue sky is reflected on lakes and seas, the wild flowers give off a delicate and fresh smell and the birds are singing harmoniously.

I would like to finish this article with a photo of one of the main avenues of the city center of Helsinki, “Pohjois Esplanadi”. This photo sums up summer in Helsinki in my opinion.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

xx, Ellen.

4 thoughts on “SUMMER 2015 FINLAND

  1. That cita is so beautiful! Loved all of the pictures you showed, very well taken and the landscape is divine!. I’ve thought Finland was like that!. I might travel there sometime.
    By the way, love how you translate from French to English in your blog!.
    I enjoyed it a lot, I’ll be waiting for more posts 😊


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