Hello everyone !

Today I’d like to share with you my trip from La Baule (France) to Helsinki (Finland).

Indeed last summer, on the 27th of july 2015, my family and I had planned to return to Finland after 8 years of living in France. I would lie to you if I said that it was good news at first for my sister Linn and I. However, with hindsight I don’t regret that decision. 

We had a 10 hour journey with our car, two nights in Minden (Germany) so that we’d rest a little bit, then a 3 hour journey to Travemünde and finally 2 nights on a ferry in order to arrive in Helsinki. You will notice that it wasn’t a restful trip.


Here we are heading to Minden, unlike to what I expected, the 10 hour journey didn’t seem that long. I would rather say that the most difficult part was to avoid having numb legs, ahah.

Arrived in Minden, we spent our 2 nights in a Gasthof as you can see below.


A charming place in the middle of the German countryside. I took photos of some cute places with my sister.

Oh sorry, the quality is poor but these photos were taken with my phone. After two lovely nights in this calm place but at the same time with a totally different dynamic than in big cities, we continued our way to Travemünde to take the ferry.

The trip was great, in fact there wasn’t many things to do for my sister and I. We spend our time at the buffet and in our room where we admired the view and talked about everything and nothing.


Finally arrived in Finland, Helsinki. I have to admit that after this kind of trip, the joy to arrive,  the feeling of putting your feet on the ground and that you could once and for all say 

“We’re going home”

is unbelievable.

xx, Ellen.


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